Montessori Method

Montessori respects the child as different from adults, and as individuals who differ from each other. In a prepared environment, the child moves freely to select carefully planned activities appropriate for his level of development.
Teachers are constantly alert to the needs of the child and seek to nurture their curiosity and natural motivation to learn. With the Montessori programme, children gradually develop concentration, coordination, independence, confidence and grow up to be socially adjusted, positive individuals.

Montessori materials are an important part of our curriculum and have been specially and specifically designed according to strict Montessori specifications and standards.

At The children’s house, we learn through a variety of activities:  

Writing activities, phonetic reading, whole language and grammar activities in English
Number Work
 Counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and the decimal system
Textures, sounds, tastes, smells, sizes, matching and grading of colours
Practical Life Skills
Grace & courtesy lessons, exercises for development of motor skills and daily tasks such as pouring, spooning & dressing frames
Culture and Understanding of the World
Zoology, botany, biology, geography, history and early science

Fun extras that are included in our programme include: music & movement, art & craft, school trips, gymnastics and holiday camps.

Optional Enrichment Programmes include: speech & drama, ABC Music & Me, computer technology, art & craft, Mandarin, Bahasa, reading, ballet and Taekwondo.