1. Corporate Information                    

Who is The children’s house?

- Established in 1986

- Early childhood education services for children aged 3 months - 6 years

- Premium provider of preschool education to over 800 families yearly in Malaysia using the Montessori Method.

- Founder Nan Civel was the first educator to apply the complete Montessori Method of child education in Malaysia.

- 11 centres in Kuala Lumpur and 1 in Penang, Malaysia as of January 2017

- A part of the Busy Bees Group


What services does The children’s house provide?

- Infant Programme ( 3 to 12 months)

- Pre-tots Programme (8-18 months)

- Toddler Programme (19-30 months)

- Preschooler Programme (2.6 – 4 years)

- Preparatory Programme (4 – 6 years)

- Parenting Engagement Activities and Workshops

- Enrichment programmes and Holiday Camps


 2. Curriculum & Learning Programmes

What is the curriculum or approaches to learning?

- We guide children using the highly regarded Montessori Method 

- Help children in areas of emotional, social, aesthetic, spiritual and intellectual development

- Promotes development of self-esteem and fosters respect for self, others and the environment.

- Age-appropriate comprehensive and challenging learning programmes

- Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace

- We adopt a hands-on and active learning approach


How will my child benefit from the activities and programme?

- The components of our curriculum are designed to enable children to develop in 2 key areas: Holistic development and academic development

-  Holistic development focuses on building the child's confidence, social skill, physical fitness, motor skills, cognitive thinking and language development

- Academic development focuses on phonics, reading, writing and mathematics

- In all, our curriculum aims to develop a confident and loving child who is school ready, demonstrates a strong passion for life-long learning


What is the preschool's teacher-child ratio?

Pre-tots Programme (8-18 months)


Toddler Programme (19-30 months)


Preschooler Programme (2.6 – 4 years)


Preparatory Programme (4 –5 years)


Preparatory Programme (5 –6 years)


In addition to the required staffing, at each preschool, additional manpower is made available to enable lower teacher:child ratios and thus facilitate better supervision and care. Please check with the Principal on specific ratio at your preschool.


What are the staff's qualifications?

- Staff training and development is always a top priority

- Our teachers are qualified with at least a Diploma in Montessori, Diploma in Early Childhood Education or have been trained in-house with an Intensive
  Montessori Certificate


3. Registration Procedures

How can I register my child?

Simply download the registration form and fill it up, and email it to us at contact@thechildrenshouse.com.my


4. Health & Safety

What is the school's approach when a child falls sick?

- The parents are advised not to bring their child to the school

- Home rest allows the children to recover faster. Staying away from the school protects the other children


What will the school do when a child falls sick?

- Teachers will attend to the child's needs

- Isolate the child to allow rest

- Sponge bath if he / she has fever

- Parents will be contacted to take the child home or to see a doctor

- While waiting for parents to come, the child's condition will be monitored

- If parents or relatives are not able to come and the child's condition is serious, the school may seek medical attention on the parent's behalf

- Cost of medical treatment will be borne by parents


What measures does the school take to ensure the children's safety and well-being?

- Health check upon arrival each morning to detect signs of sickness

- Pick up: Only authorised persons are allowed to pick up children

- Medication: The school does not administer any form of oral medication that may at any time be prescribed to the child

- Entrance / exit doors: Closed at all times and latches locked from 9:30 am to 12 noon

- Fire Drill: Conducted every 6 months to train children and staff on what do in case of fire

- Teachers: At least 1 teacher is present in classroom at all times

- Visitors  will be accompanied at all times

- Cleaning: Toilets are cleaned at least once a day

- Toys & materials are cleaned daily and mattresses are cleaned at least once a week


5. Communication with Parents

Parent Updates
Family Communication Newsletters
Parent Communication Board

- Notice board that highlights information on the school.


Parents' Conferences

- Held twice a year or more if necessary by parents or teachers

- For parents and teachers to share ideas and information about the children's total environmental and development, both at home and school.


Children's Progress Report and Work Folders

- Assists parents in assessing and monitoring their child’s progress in the school

- Serves as a platform for discussion between parents and teachers on areas of improvements for the children’s development