Pre-tots (8 months-1.5 years old)

In our Pre-tots programme, we believe that the three aspects of Caregiving, Play and Attachment form the foundation of our curriculum.

  • Caregiving emphasizes respectful, responsive and reciprocal interactions with the pre-tots during routine caregiving.
  • With Play, children acquire cognitive abilities, language skills, improve their physical abilities and learn how to deal with various emotions. By developing their moral values and social skills, children also learn to become active participants in the social world.
  • Attachment as a curriculum is demonstrated through a loving environment where trust and security are nurtured to encourage exploration and the development of self-identity and self-esteem.
  • Tots Art
  • Tots Music
  • Sunshine Tots
  • Tots Read
  • Tots Gym
  • Tots Sensory Play

Tots Art is a process-oriented art activity that emphasizes hands-on discovery and experimentation. Tots Art aims to promote sensory motor development through tactile stimulations and engage pre-tots in using and practicing their hands and fingers control and coordination through experiences for artistic explorations and cognitive learning.

Tots Music is an active approach to learning music which encourages pre-tots to listen and explore music elements like beat and rhythm, singing, dancing, movement games and instruments. Music experiences also provide powerful tools for developing our pre-tots' sensory-motor, language, memory and cognition, social and emotional skills.

Sunshine Tots is an outdoor program that facilitates outdoor learning experiences contributing to the pre-tots' overall development. It aims to provide pre-tots with opportunities for cognitive, sensory-motor and social-emotional growth since it is full of creative opportunities with sensory stimuli and sources for learning.

Tots Read focuses on pre-tots' language learning through a repertoire of language-related experiences - Flash Cards, Picture Talks, Show 'N' Tell, Story Stretchers and Finger Plays. These interactive language experiences encourage pre-tots to hear the sounds of language, words and speech patterns in a variety of forms. It encourages social interactions, creates rich opportunities for developing attachment relationships with caregivers and promotes visual and auditory development.

Tots Gym is a pre-tot exercise program that is designed to support the specific developmental milestones of physical growth in pre-tots from 8 to 17 months old. Gym activities are planned to promote sensory-motor and physical explorations. Teachers actively facilitate these active explorations through movements, body coordination and gross motor skills.

Tots Sensory Play promotes sensory stimulation focusing on auditory, visual and tactile learning. Pre-tots are engaged in sensory play through activities like art, manipulative play, play dough, scribbling and using textured play materials.