Parents: Doubting Your Choice of Preschool?

Redefine Your Child’s Future

  • Preschool quality & reputation
  • Safety & security of child
  • Classroom size & ratio
  • Parental involvement & preschool communication style
  • Curriculum & approach
  • Location & accessibility

As parents, we understand the crippling anxiety that comes with choosing a preschool for your child. You’re not just choosing a preschool, you’re choosing your child’s future! If these are some of the concerns that pop up in your head, read on to find out how The children’s house Bruas can help you on your child’s journey to an amazing childhood! 

Nurturing Holistic Childcare

Our Unique Methodology for Bright Futures

Nurturing Holistic Childcare

Our Unique Methodology for Bright Futures

Choose The children’s house

Meaningful Years with Montessori Since 1986

Established in 1986, The children’s house Bruas have fostered meaningful connections with the tightly knit community of Bruas. The trust garnered from our reputation is synonymous with the quality of childcare we consistently deliver and the families that have come back to visit their beloved teachers.

The children’s house Bruas is supported by a team of qualified and dedicated teachers with backgrounds in Early Childhood Education.

They bring with them a wealth of experience, and a passion for nurturing the next generation with a genuine care.

We interweave transparent communication in our holistic approach as it is fundamental in the child’s progress.

The love for lifelong learning is not only a belief we instil in our children.

The children’s house Bruas firmly believes in continuous development ourselves, which is why our staff are supported to go through continuous professional development.

Embracing Our Philosophy

Where the Imagination Blossoms

The core of The children’s house Bruas holistic approach to education lies in our commitment to our purpose: Giving children the best possible start in life!

At The Children’s House, we strive to cultivate an environment where every child is inspired to explore, learn, and thrive! Our dedicated teachers integrate global Early Childhood Education standards with the transformative Montessori method, giving our very best every day to support children as they develop and flourish in our dynamic world.

Our belief stems in trusting the child’s natural abilities and provide ample opportunities to explore their interests and for self-directed learning, which fosters independence, confidence and a sense of responsibility. We empower each child to engage in purposeful work to develop their skills and knowledge in a holistic manner.

Our teachers act as facilitators, guiding children through a carefully curated selection of materials and activities to help each child realise their unique potential.



Effective Learning


Which Programme is for You?

Montessori Playgroup

3 months – 2.5 years

Weaving fun and many days of sunshine into our play-based programme. The Montessori Playgroup focuses on key stages of development for young children, designed to foster cognitive, speech and language development, strengthen motor skills, grace and courtesy and promote independence.

Montessori Junior

2.6 – 6 years

or children in the Montessori Junior programme, our focus in the preparatory level is to transition them into formal schooling. Lots of fun in the sun are still peppered into their schedule, complemented with approaches that will help the child in conventional school.

Crafting Innovation in Every Classroom

Unique Preschool Experiences for Meaningful Childhood Memories

Nestled in a lush corner of Bukit Damansara Heights, children enjoy the abundance of fresh air and ample play opportunities. Enhanced with personalised activity books tailored to each child’s level, our environment fosters effective concept grasping through a plethora of learning materials including multi-sensory, sequential and self-correcting sensory play items vital for refining auditory, tactile, visual, stereoagnostic, gustory, chromatic and temperature senses.

Each interaction at The children’s house Bruas is an opportunity optimised for learning.
The school environment is meticulously crafted promote learning – ensuring child-sized furniture which complements child-sized learning material to promote concentration, movement coordination, balance and a growing sense of independence in our young learners.


See Where the Learning Happens!