Family Fun

Here’s what you could do next with your children at home: DIY bubble blower! 

(PS. It will be messy but fun is guaranteed)

This can be done with recycled materials that you can find at home. All you need are a plastic bottle, mesh fruit bag, duct tape, scissors and bubble solution. A little bit of assembly would be needed but not to worry, it’s very easy. 

  1. Click here to learn how to make your own bubble solution.–WITH-FREE-PRINTABLE-/)
  1. Cut the plastic bottle in half. Use only top half of the plastic bottle and recycle the bottom half.
  2. Tape the mesh fruit bag over the opening of the top half and you got your own bubble blower.
  3. Pour the bubble solution into a bowl, dip in the bubble blower to the solution and blow!

Isn’t it amazing? You could also take a step further and create bubble arts with your children!

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