The children’s house
30th Anniversary Montage

The children’s house(TCH) has grown from a single Montessori preschool in 1986 to more than 12 schools across Kuala Lumpur and Selangor today.

Parents are assured when their children learn to be well-rounded individuals at TCH, a trustworthy Montessori preschool in Klang Valley with more than 30 years of excellence.

Teachers of TCH are dedicated and loving facilitators who love taking care of children and assisting them, the Montessori way.

Prosperity By
The Park 2019

The prosperous year of 2019 has come to TCH as children, parents and teachers gather to celebrate a wonderful Chinese New Year as a huge family.

From lion and dragon dance, drum performance and story-telling to yummy traditional sweets, children experience great exposure to different culture and traditions with their parents and peers.

To ensure children obtain the best Montessori experience even outside of preschool, TCH includes hands-on arts and craft activities that allow children to explore their curiosity and express creativity.

Culture Day 2018: Our World,
Our Home

Having the ability to embrace different cultures is crucial in shaping respectful leaders of tomorrow, and that is what The children’s house wishes to achieve through Culture Day 2018: Our World, Our Home.

It is truly an amazing moment to remember as children happily perform in colourful and adorable costumes with their peers as parents beam with pride.

Children work together to deliver a fun-filled, wonderful performance featuring different cultures, obtaining cultural exposure in the best preschool featuring the Montessori education.

U-Thant 2018
Grand Opening

Time for a brand new Montessori preschool with brand new facilities at The children’s house U-Thant Grand Opening!

Featuring a Water Fountain and Children’s Art Gallery, TCH U-Thant offers facilities and activities that fulfill every child’s needs, with dedicated educators capable of providing the best Montessori education.

To ensure children experience a steady development, this Montessori Cottage in the city is built with child-centred designs along with nature-inspired surrounding, so your child has plenty of space and the best environment to grow!

There is no preschools better than The children’s house when it comes to holistic and lifelong learning, as children explore at their own pace to become individuals with grace and courtesy, along with a love for learning.

Equipped with the Montessori education, trust that your child is in the best preschool in Klang Valley that offers intriguing lessons of Practical Life, Sensory, Number Work, Language and Culture.

Activities in The children’s house trigger all your child’s senses, igniting a greater sense of curiosity and wholesome discoveries from a young age, providing them with a smooth transition to school!