Montessori At Home

Here’s how you can teach your child numbers in the Montessori way at home! All you need to do is print out the following number cards and prepare some clothes peg. 

  • Let your child count the objects 
  • Pin the clothes peg over the correct number 

Not only will children learn about numbers, but they can work on their fine motor skills too! 

Download link here:

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Parents may prepare the activity with an egg carton as an alternate option. 

Follow the 3 simple steps below and parents are able to occupy children with this Montessori-inspired activity at home! 

The simple steps are:

  1. Draw a different number of dots at the bottom of each compartment of the egg carton
  2. Let your child count the number of dots 
  3. Fill up the compartments with buttons, beads, cotton balls, etc. (any suitable items that can be found at home) according to the number of dots.

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