Sunny Day Pin-wheel

Here’s a fun little idea that does not require sunblock!

You will need:
1. Cardboard box
2. Colourful Manila paper
3. Satay Stick
4. Scissors
5. Colourful Markers
6. Straw

First, you need to draw a circle and cut it out. Then, draw a smaller ring within. Using a ruler, section the outer ring into eight sections. Next, cut only the outer ring as shown in the image. Fold the cut outer ring into flaps toward one direction. Once the full circle has been folded, proceed to decorating the sun!

Finally, puncture a hole in the middle of the sun using a satay stick and attach it to the piece of cardboard box to stay in place!

Now your little one can have fun by blowing the straw and watching it spin! Courtesy of RedTedArt.