The “Hot & Cold” Game

If you’re looking for ways to teach your child patience and perseverance in a fun way without additional tools, here’s a suggestion:

Try Hot & Cold!

Grab your child’s favourite toy (or any small object) and hide it inside a room. For a younger child, bring him or her inside the room and hold out their hand. As they move closer to the hiding place of the object, shout out “warm”, “warmer” or “hot!” The farther they are from the object’s hiding place, the “colder” it is. Keep going until they manage to find their favourite toy.

For an older child, you may start in a different room to make it a little more difficult to locate the object. If your child seems frustrated, it’s okay to give a little guidance and hold their hand for a little clue. This way, your child can also learn that just because you can’t see it – doesn’t mean it’s not there. They will also feel a sense of accomplishment once the “mission” is complete.