Our programmes

Over the years, there has been increased recognition on the importance of early development for children below the age of 3 years old. Many parents who have older children with us have constantly expressed interest in programmes for this age group, and this year we are proud to introduce our Pre-tots Programme. The programme is designed to stimulate the child’s sense of curiosity in a secure, loving environment, and is implemented through hands-on activities that prepare the little ones for Montessori learning as they progress to the Toddler age group.    

Our Montessori Programmes are carried out at Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten levels. Programmes for each age group focus on preparing the child for the next level and our low teacher:child ratios are designed for optimal learning. The Montessori method offers a nurturing, non-competitive learning environment which aims to meet the individual needs of each child in his physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. With the environment as an important element, classrooms are well-planned to avoid over-crowding and everything is child-sized and child-friendly.

Through working independently with a wide variety of materials available, children learn to make choices, challenge themselves and develop strategies for problem solving. All activity is guided by a respect for the teacher, a respect for other children and a respect for materials themselves.