Finding Nemo!


Fond of the sea? Take your little one on a fishing trip at home! This activity aims to build a child’s coordination skills as they attempt to balance the hovering magnet over the paper clip, as well as understanding of zoology! Build their curiosity in both science and nature in this simple coordination game!

Prepare a piece of stick, some string, a magnet, a piece of paper, a hole puncher and some paper clips!

How to:
1. Prepare the fishes! Draw your “nemo’s” and “dory’s” and cut them out.
2. Punch a hole through the tip or the mouth and loop the paper clip through.
3. For our fishing rod, tie one end of the string to the stick and the other end to the magnet.

You are all set to fish!

For a waterproof version, you may use hard pieces of plastic as fish!
Have fun


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