Thank You, MY Heroes

Since the start of the quarantine period on the 18th March 2020, we have been doing our part by staying home and staying safe. But there are still doctors, nurses, healthcare teams, janitors, police officers, delivery drivers, grocery store clerks, gas station attendants, warehouse workers, pharmacists and other essential team members who are out there trying to curb the disease and keep the rest of us safe! 

To say thank you, we are getting busy at home and want to create a small token of appreciation for those in the frontlines. We’d like to invite you to join in as well!

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Show You Care 

Join us by following the simple 4-step process by getting creative, submitting your masterpiece, sharing with us (if you want), and finally, anticipating the final video! 

2 TCH GESB AppeciationVideo Instagram

Terms and Conditions of Participation: 

  1. This #ThankYouMYHeroes campaign is open to families of The children’s house and members of the public. 
  2. Please send us a minimum of 5 photos, consisting of the images of your masterpiece and family photos with the masterpiece by the 3rd of May 2020. However, only a maximum of 2 photos will be included in the final video. 
  3. Please ensure the photos sent are clear and in high resolution. Basic photo enhancement made available by phone applications is allowed. 
  4. Please email the photos to and provide us the details below upon submission. Parents’ names, Email address & phone number, Child/Children’s names & age and TCH centre that your child is attending (if applicable). 
  5. By submitting the photos to us, you shall be deemed to have participated in this campaign and accepted the Terms & Conditions stated. Please read the instructions and rules before participating. 
  6. By submitting the photos to us, you have granted The children’s house and Global Educare Sdn Bhd permission and consent to use the photos in any types of media, including but not limited to, the right to publish, distribute, copy, display in any printed or electronic media. 
  7. The children’s house and Global Educare Sdn Bhd accept no responsibilities for any entries which are incomplete, ineligible, inappropriate, corrupted or fail to submit by relevant closing date for any reason. 
  8. Submissions that fulfilled all the requirements stated will be considered and compiled in the final video. 
  9. The children’s house and Global Educare Sdn Bhd shall reserve all the rights to adjust or cancel the campaign or any of the arrangements, directly or indirectly related to the campaign, at any time and for any reasons if deemed necessary without any prior notice.