At Home Activities

It is completely normal to feel frustrated to stay home for long periods of time. Humans are social creatures after all. The children’s house wants to support you as best we can despite the situation. Here are a few suggestions to help improve you and your family’s well being. 

1. Exercise 

This may sound like a cliche but exercise is good for you! Which is why we suggest not to avoid moving your body and sweating where you can. 

Make it a family activity and be as creative as you want to be! Chores around the house, dancing from room to room, some yoga practice or just a short play-session with your family ought to release endorphins (happy hormones). 

Our Family Fun article on Stay Home activities has a simple guide video for you and your child! 

2. Quiet time 

Children are curious beings and tend to be restless at times. However, discipline is still an important part of learning. Parents can calm the child down and allow them to learn to appreciate quiet time. Just a few minutes spent breathing or reading a few pages of a children’s book can be a great way to introduce said “quiet time”.

3. Expression 

How does your family express love to one another? 

Have you tried writing a letter? Try sitting down together as a family and write about anything you want (experience during lockdown, what makes you happy, what you want to do once quarantine is over). 

Writing is a form of self-expression and in this case, a great way to let your child be more confident forming thoughts and putting them to paper. 

Good luck!