What Does Hygiene Mean to Your Child?

Wash Your Hands and Wear Your Masks: Why is it so important? 

According to one infection control expert from the University of North South Wales, Sydney, people touch their faces an average of 23 times a day! 

So what’s wrong with touching our face with our hands? Humans interact with their environment and other people via touch all the time; whether it’s grooming, shaking hands and playing. Thus, picking up bacteria and viruses along the way. When we proceed to touch our face, these bacteria and viruses may enter through the eyes, nose, or mouth and infect us! 

So how does hand-washing and wearing a mask help? 

While it doesn’t eliminate you from contracting sickness, it does lower your chances! An expert from Columbia University advises that it could be harder to tell people to stop touching their face, especially a child. So instead, you could encourage your child to wash their hands frequently. 

On the other hand, wearing a mask helps to reduce the risk of the bacteria or virus entering your nose and mouth. Also be sure to wear a mask that fits your child’s face; there should be no gaps above or below the mask! 


Source: BBC