Finding the Perfect Preschool Near Me: Tips and Strategies for Parents

So many choices of preschool near me … How to choose the right one? As a parent, choosing a preschool...
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Why is preschool education important for my child?

Is preschool education necessary for my child? Isn’t my child too young to be a part of a structured learning...
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Meaningful years with The children’s house since 1986

Born out of passion and love of children, The children’s house believes in giving every child the best possible childhood...
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What is the right time to start preschool?

Parents are always looking for ways to create a great future for their children. From providing a safe home to...
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Pioneering early childhood education in Malaysia – The Montessori method

Maria Montessori and The children’s house Known worldwide for establishing the Montessori method of education for young children in the...
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Aunty at The children's house interacting with a child

How preschool education sets the stage for your child’s future successes

As a parent, you may be questioning the benefits of early childhood education at such a young age. Isn’t a...
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Adorable toddler looking up into the camera - Raising an Independent Decision Maker

Raising An Independent Decision Maker

Watching your child grow is often a bittersweet experience. Graduating from baby-talk to asking seemingly endless questions like “Why can’t...
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TCH Aunty reads to a child

Inculcating a Love for Reading in Children

How do you encourage children to read books?  A good recipe for inculcating a love for reading in children is...
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